Biteable Beauty recommend Eternal Skincare

29 July 2020

Biteable Beauty, a blog dedicated to natural and organic beauty and health and well being has described Eternal Skincare’s Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser as a “natural classic product, like a natural Nivea”.

“Post holiday I was on the lookout for an all over moisturiser to keep my skin moisture content up and prevent any dryness or irritation. When I read about Eternal Skincare’s new fragrance free product, I jumped at the chance to try it.”

Biteable Beauty added that our moisturiser “has a lovely clean, fresh aroma of aloe vera, as there is a high concentration of organic aloe leaf juice.” With other soothing ingredients including chamomile, calendula, shea butter, green tea and rosehip oil, our paraben free moisturiser is perfect for even very sensitive skin. “The cream is super light, non greasy, almost instantly absorbed and leaves skin soft, smooth and hydrated.”

Eternal Skincare is great value for money too: “a little goes a long way and the big tub is still going strong weeks later.”

Read the full post at Biteable Beauty.

The Eternal Skincare range is available exclusively through our shop.

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