Five fascinating facts about skin

1 April 2021

Skin is our largest organ and as it forms a protective barrier for our internal organs, it is perhaps the most important. Generally, we take it for granted, so here are five interesting facts you may not know about skin.

1. We drop skin cells everywhere

Our bodies shed between 30,000 and 40,000 dead skin cells every day, which means the skin you see on your body now will not be there in a month’s time. Out of the 23 layers of skin we have, 18 are made up of dead skin cells, which is why regular moisturising is important to stop dryness. In fact, it is estimated that dead skin makes up a billion tons of the dust in the earth’s atmosphere.

2. Our skin weighs the same as a popular breed of dog

The skin on an average adult weighs 20lbs which is equivalent to a cute, wrinkly pug! It also covers an area of two square metres, accounts for 15% of our body weight and contains 11 miles of blood vessels. And, like a dog, the thickest part of our skin is on our feet.

3. Skin starts to age in our 20s

Most of us associate our skin ageing with us getting older, but in reality the change starts when we are in our 20s, which is when our collagen levels start to reduce. Therefore, the earlier we begin a skin care routine the better. There are certain natural ingredients that will help to hydrate, cool and soothe the skin to keep it looking its best – you can see what benefits the ingredients we include in our range can have on your skin here.

4. Over-moisturising can cause damage

Moisturising your skin is important. It can keep it hydrated and minimise the chance of developing skin conditions, but over-moisturising can cause damage, particularly if you are using products that contain synthetic fragrances, alcohols such as ethanol, methanol and isopropyl, and preservatives like butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben. Signs to look out for are clogged pores and small white bumps which could indicate that dead skin has become trapped. We recommend moisturising twice a day – morning and night – and use creams that contain natural ingredients, like our Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser.

5. Some peculiar ingredients have been used in skin care

To create the perfect skin cream that will hold back the years, manufacturers have created products that include bee venom, bone marrow, snake mucus and powdered beetle remains. As these have not become standard ingredients, we are sceptical about the benefits they bring. One treatment that started centuries ago in Japan and is still used to this day is a ‘Shizuka Geisha Facial’, more commonly known as a ‘bird-poop facial’. The treatment includes powdered nightingale droppings which are mixed with rice bran and water to make a paste. It is thought the treatment breaks down dead skin cells and leaves skin brighter and softer. There’s nothing peculiar in our range – just a collection of natural ingredients. Head to our online shop to view our skincare range.

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