How to protect your hands while gardening

1 August 2021

Many of us found a new appreciation for our gardens and outdoor spaces last year. Getting out into the fresh air and keeping mentally and physically active has created a blossoming demand for gardening. But exposing our hands to the elements can have a real impact on our skin. From gritty soil to prickly plants, our hands can take a harsh battering.

We are often told about the importance of skin care for our face and body, but what about our hands?

Add some protection

One of the main precautions you can take to protect your hands while gardening is to wear gloves. Not only do they keep hands and nails clean and dry, but they also prevent blisters, callouses, cuts and scrapes. Be kind to your skin and apply a nourishing cream before you put on a pair of gloves for an extra protective barrier.

Use the right equipment

Just because our hands can do the work, it doesn’t mean they should. Repetitive motions are hard on the hands and joints, so if there is a tool that can do the work for you then use it. Rotating and varying tasks will also take the strain off and limit the chance of injury.

Protect your skin

Fiddly tasks like planting seeds means gloves may not be a viable option. But when it comes to scrubbing off ingrained dirt, it is tempting to go heavy on the harsh soap and end up in a cycle of dehydrated skin. Arm yourself with a high-quality moisturiser like our Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser, which provides intensive hydration to soothe and soften your hands.

Skin saviours

Aloe Vera – the main ingredient in our range – provides a host of properties and is key when it comes to healing and softening skin. The plant’s cooling properties help to soothe redness, infection, rashes and itchiness, all common ailments that gardeners can become victims of.

Don’t forget the basics

People often remember to wear sunscreen or a hat to protect themselves from UV radiation, but often neglect their hands. The tops of your hands are almost always exposed to sunlight, so applying sunscreen will not only protect the skin from harmful rays, but it will also reduce premature aging and signs of sun damage such as wrinkles and liver spots.   

Gardening should be fun and rewarding, so don’t fall victim to the harsh effects it can have on your hands. Whether you are an amateur gardener or seasoned professional, investing in some nourishing skincare products means you can wave goodbye to rough hands for good. To expand your skin care, visit our online shop to see our full range and learn more about how the natural ingredients in our products could benefit your skin.

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