Eternal Skincare – a premium product at a practical price

1 November 2019

Everywhere you look there are advertisements for skincare products. Banner boards, magazines, social media – all of them telling you to rush out and buy this lotion, or that serum, or the latest air-whipped, spa-inspired, eye-wateringly expensive dermatological wonder creation, without which it appears you’ll almost certainly end up a shrivelled husk with no social life.

The old maxim says you get what you pay for, but do you really need to take out a bank loan to ensure your skin stays hydrated, soothed and supple?

Here at Eternal Skincare we know that’s not the case. Years of research and a determination to bring to the market a premium skincare product at a sensible price means our range will provide your skin with everything it needs, at no cost to your social life! The passion we have for our skincare preparations and the amount of research which has gone into their creation easily rivals that of many top-selling brands.

When we started out, we were intent on coming up with the finest moisturising cream we could. It took us three years of working with one of the UK’s top skincare laboratories before we were sufficiently confident we’d achieved what we set out to do, which was:

  • To use plentiful quantities of natural ingredients which work together harmoniously.

  • To use aloe vera, an amazing plant with healing properties and moisturising and soothing qualities, and make it the principal ingredient, unlike many other brands where the principal ingredient is aqua (water).

  • To use in addition to aloe vera other natural oils and extracts known for their benefit to skin, including rosehip oil, chamomile flower extract, sweet almond oil, green tea extract and calendula (marigold) flower oil.

  • To make a non-greasy cream which would still be able to penetrate skin thoroughly.

  • To ensure the cream was gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

  • To veto the use of parabens, animal-derived or tested ingredients, synthetic fragrances and colourings.

  • To make our production process and packaging as environmentally friendly as possible

Many of the high-end brands can claim some or all of these achievements, but you’ll be paying a premium for them. It’s annoying to feel you ought to be frugal with a skin cream because you needed a second mortgage to buy it. Eternal Skincare products give you all the advantages and you can afford to apply it generously as well.

Try our soothing Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser or our Ultimate Aloe Skincare Moisturiser both of which will give your body a luxurious all-over treat.

Visit our online shop or get in touch to find out more about our skincare vision.

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