Eternal skincare products are ideal for mums-to-be and babies

1 June 2020

During a pregnancy and post-birth there are so many changes happening in your body that your skin is bound to be affected. But there are things you can do to give your skin some love and ensure you have a healthy glow before and after birth.

What happens to my skin during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, changes in hormones and blood flow cause changes to your skin. You could experience acne flare-ups, itchy skin, varicose veins and stretchmarks, as well as pigmentation changes on different areas of your body, including inner thighs, nipples, and neck.

Additionally, during pregnancy long periods of exposure to the sun can cause your skin to darken more than it usually would. It’s therefore a good idea to make sunscreen part of your daily skincare routine, particularly on your face, or switch to a moisturiser that has an in-built SPF, such as our fragrance free anti-ageing day cream with SPF20.

Basically, keep skin moisturised and nourished throughout, but use a natural product and avoid lotions that contain preservatives such as parabens

Does this change carry on once I’ve given birth?

Your hormones and blood flow will gradually go back to normal and your skin will follow suit, but it’s not instant so for best results keep up with your pre-birth skincare routine. However, whilst stretchmarks will fade, they won’t disappear completely, so be wary of the hundreds of products that claim to treat or event prevent stretchmarks.

Research has shown though that massaging the skin can reduce the appearance of stretchmarks, so using a moisturiser that contains aloe vera, which is a natural healing agent and skin softener, could help to keep them to a minimum.

Is Eternal Skincare really suitable for me and my baby?

Put simply, yes, it is! For the first few weeks, NHS advice is to simply use water on your baby’s skin, but as the skin matures and creates its own protective barrier, you can introduce a natural cream, such as our hydrating moisturiser which is fragrance free and contains only the gentlest of ingredients. Use after bathing your baby and be safe in the knowledge that you aren’t putting any chemicals on delicate skin. Visit our online shop to view our full range.

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