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1 October 2020

Just like women, men can suffer with sensitive skin, acne, psoriasis, and other skin ailments. So, it’s just as important for men to develop a skincare routine as it is for women.

What’s the difference between men and women’s skin?

Male skin contains an increased level of collagen, meaning that, on average, it’s 20% thicker than female skin. Collagen also makes the ageing process slightly different, as in men’s skin the content will reduce at a constant rate, whereas collagen in women’s skin tends to reduce and subsequently make the skin thinner later in life.

Men have active sebaceous glands, which produce the group of oils known as sebum. These works to lubricate the skin and means men have larger, and an increased amount of pores. The amount of sebum produced is double that of women, so in general men’s skin is a lot oilier and shinier. While this needs to be managed, one benefit is that men are less likely to suffer from dry skin.

What should a man’s skincare regime include?


To keep your skin looking its best, you should be cleansing your face every morning and evening. It’s simply a case of splashing your face with warm water, then massaging with a gentle cleanser in a circular motion which will aid circulation. Then rinse.


On average, a man will shave the skin on his face 16,000 times during his lifetime, which will cause skin stress and irritation, so it’s important to take some care. First, never use a blunt razor, as this can lead to nicks and cuts. Lubricate well before you start to help glide the razor and try to use a lubricant that is free from harsh alcohols.


After cleansing, shaving and showering, use a lightweight hydrating moisturiser. This should be used on your face and body to lock in all those essential oils that our skin needs and to stop it from becoming dry.

Natural ingredients

Use products that are botanically based, meaning they include natural ingredients, as much as possible, as they will help to keep your skin looking its best. Avoid any product that include alcohols and artificial fragrances. Aloe Vera is the main ingredient in our range and as this cools and conditions the skin, it’s the perfect ingredient for men to use.

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