How you can help your skin transition into spring

1 February 2021

A skincare routine should be adjusted as a season merges into the next. In the summer it’s vital you always protect your skin against the sun’s rays. The wind and rain of autumn can leave it feeling more sensitive than normal. The cold weather in winter means you have to ensure your skin remains hydrated, and with the increase in humidity in spring, your skin will produce an excess of natural oils.

Who doesn’t love the transition from winter to spring? It’s out with the big coats, hats, scarves and thick woolly jumpers and in with the lighter clothing and more outdoor time.

But what should we be doing with our skin to prep it for the warmer climate?

Get rid of the dead skin cells

The winter weather will have made our skin a little dry, so as spring starts to burst through use a natural exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells. Your skin will naturally shed skin cells every 30 days or so. It’s therefore important to remove these and ensure you begin your new seasonal routine with silky soft and smooth skin.

Switch to a lighter moisturiser

A thick cream can slow down your skin’s natural renewal process, so using a lighter cream – especially on your face – can keep your skin hydrated, whilst protecting against blemishes. A product like our Super Hydrating Moisturiser is perfect. As well as being fragrance free, it contains a high concentration of pure Aloe leaf juice, which is traditionally used as a natural remedy to soothe, soften, moisturise and heal. It’s suitable for the most sensitive skin and can be used on the face, body and hands.

Add some protection

With the sun (hopefully!) beginning to shine, it’s time to start protecting against those dangerous UV rays by beginning to incorporate sun protection into your skincare routine, especially if you will be spending an increased amount of time outside. You can either add a layer of sunscreen over your moisturiser, or use a cream that incorporates protection, such as our Aloe Anti-ageing Day Cream that has SPF20 built in.

Have a spring clear out

The switching of seasons is a great time to invest in new skincare products. Beauty creams, moisturisers and cleansers do have a shelf life and using out of date products can leave you with very clogged up pores. On each tub of cream or bottle of cleanser you will see a marking, such as ‘12M’, which stands for 12 months and means the expiration date of the product is 12 months after opening.

If your products are past this date, it’s time to bring in the new.

We’re extremely passionate about natural beauty, which is why all our products are made from the very finest ingredients that are not only kind to your skin but have a minimal impact on the environment. The full Eternal Skincare range can be purchased from our online shop.

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