Make a new simpler skincare routine your New Year’s resolution.

1 December 2020

From vowing to learn a new language or run a marathon, to promising to give up chocolate or alcohol, so many New Year’s resolutions are made in good faith, but then totally forgotten about by the end of January.

Whereas, pledging to do something good for yourself by undertaking a simpler skincare routine is easy to stick to as it’s designed to make your life easier.

Benefits of having a good skincare routine

As well as helping to prevent or treat various conditions, keeping your skin in tip-top shape can benefit your life in other ways. Skin is our body’s largest organ, and we tend to feel better in ourselves when our skin looks and feels good. It can do wonders for our well-being by building self-confidence and helping us to face any challenge head on. A daily skincare routine is like watering a plant, it will help your skin to bloom and thrive!

The three steps to a simpler skincare routine

1. Cleanse your cabinet

Before you start cleansing your face, cleanse your skincare products. How many do you have that you don’t use? We don’t want you to throw everything out as that will just create waste, but if you can’t remember the last time you used a product – or you don’t even remember buying it – it’s time to get rid. Beauty products do have a shelf-life and you should see a PAO (period after opening) expiration date on the packaging. This will be something like ‘12M’, which stands for 12 months – if you can’t see this, there’s a good chance it’s faded, so that should tell you what you need to do!

When you choose products for your skincare routine look for those that include natural ingredients, like our range where the main ingredient is Aloe Vera which cools and conditions the skin. Ignore products that have synthetic fragrances and alcohols as these can inflame skin conditions.

2. Cleanse and moisturise your skin

It really is that simple and you only need two products. Start by using a cleanser on your face that will soften your skin and not leave it dry or greasy. Splash your face with warm water, then apply a small amount of your cleanser and massage into your face in a circular motion, before rinsing with cool water to close pores. This will remove oil, dirt and dead skin cells, as well as unclog pores, which can help to prevent skin conditions and acne.

It’s then time to moisturise. To make your new skincare routine even simpler, choose a moisturiser like our Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser which can be used on your hands, body and face and negates the need for separate creams for these different areas of your body. Repeat this routine every morning and night and you’ll soon notice the positive difference it will make to your skin.

3. Drink more water

As much as we all love a latte, a cup of tea or a glass of Merlot, increasing the amount of water you consume should be part of your new skincare routine. It will help to remove toxins and, ideally, we should be drinking a couple of litres a day, or eight glasses. If you find water too bland and struggle to reach your target, try replacing a couple of glasses with a herbal tea, or fruit-infused water.

To kickstart your new skincare routine visit our online shop to see our full range and learn more about how the natural ingredients in our products could benefit your skin.

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