All-over body nourishment for soft skin

1 September 2019

Everyone wants smooth, supple skin and, in order to achieve that, you need to put in a bit of legwork. But it’s not just your legs which need care and attention. Your face probably gets regular moisturising, but for healthy skin with an all over radiance you need to give your whole body plenty of nourishment.

Here are four parts of the body you may not have thought about moisturising before and which could do with a bit of TLC:


You may not know your neck has a different cell composition to the other parts of the body. Below the epidermis, which forms the true skin, is the dermis, a thick layer of living tissue containing blood capillaries, nerve endings, sweat glands and hair follicles. In the neck area, the dermis is thinner, and because of this it contains less collagen, the main structural protein of the skin. It also has fewer sebaceous glands, which secrete sebum to lubricate the skin. As a result, the skin on your neck is more prone to wrinkling. If you have a skincare regime, you will almost certainly moisturise your face regularly – take time to do the same to your neck and you’ll notice the results.


The skin on your elbows gets a rough deal – in more ways than one. The elbow is a complex joint, and its skin has to protect all the connective tissue, bones and muscles which give it its flexibility. It also has to cope with considerable friction, often ending up dry and tough as it adjusts to the constant pressure, and can become tough and wrinkled and resembling sandpaper! Exfoliate regularly and then slather on moisturiser daily to give your elbows a treat.


The skin on your feet almost certainly gets more punishment than any other area of your body. You probably walk several miles a day, often considerably more, and your bodyweight is putting pressure on your feet the whole time. They have to cope with lengthy periods of standing and spend most of their time cooped up in shoes. As a result, they need plenty of care and attention and daily moisturising to keep the skin supple and healthy. Make sure you keep the area between the toes dry, however, to prevent fungal infections.

Round the ears

During a daily facial skincare regime, moisturiser is usually spread around the face to the edges, which can lead to a build-up, often round the ears. This could cause clogged pores, while the skin beyond remains dry. Ensure you spread your moisturiser evenly all the way to the back of your ears for lovely soft skin.

All of our Eternal Skincare range can be used on every part of the body. The key component, aloe vera, is one of the finest natural moisturisers available, and it works alongside a balanced combination of completely natural ingredients. Our products are free from parabens, animal derivatives and synthetic fragrance and colouring, and will provide intensive hydration to soothe and soften your skin.

Try our luxurious Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser or our Ultimate Aloe Skincare Moisturiser both of which will soothe and give your body an all-over treat.

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