Three top tips to protect the skin on hands

1 August 2020

Whilst over the past few months it’s been imperative for the country’s health to have increased our hand washing routine, it will have played havoc with the skin on our hands, particularly for those who already suffer from existing conditions or dry and sensitive skin.

The top layer of our skin contains oils and wax that act as protective guards. Frequent exposure to soap and skin cleansers will unsettle this layer, and whilst it’s not recommended to stop the frequency of our washing, there are things we can do to protect the skin. Here are our three top tips.

Top tip 1: Choose a gentle soap

When we wash our hands, a number of ingredients in soap suds, including fragrances, can break down our skin’s natural defence barrier. Therefore, look for products – whether that’s liquid or blocks of soaps – that have natural and moisturising ingredients, such as shea butter or jojoba oil.

And, when washing hands, the water doesn’t need to be at it hottest – lukewarm will do the job and when used with soap, will kill any germs and bacteria. In fact, the hotter the water, the more dry our skin will become.

Top tip 2: Add a moisturiser to your hand washing routine

The 20-second hand washng rule has quickly become part of our daily life, but adding a moisturiser to that routine and applying it when your hands are slightly damp, will help to keep the skin hydrated. Don’t forget to mositurise every part of the hand, including finger tips and nails.

Moisturising after washing can also be good for you health, as dry and cracked skin gives bacteria and germs a safe and easy passage into your body.

Top tip 3: Ensure a moisturiser has healing ingredients

Look carefully at the ingredients of any products you are putting onto your skin. In particular, synthetic fragrances, preservatives like butlparagben, methylparaben and propylparaben, and alcohols such as ehtanol, methanol and isopropyl, are not your friends.

Instead look for a moisturiser which contains natural ingredients, such as our fragrance free super hydrating moisturiser, which is particularly suitable for those who have dry or sensitive skin. The high concentration of pure Aloe leaf juice helps cool, sooth and moisturise. The full Eternal Skincare range can be purchased from our online shop. Our super hydrating moisturiser comes in a handy 100ml size, which is perfect for popping into a handbag allowing your hand moisturising routine to continue whilst you’re out and about.

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