Our SPF20 Anti-ageing Day Cream is a suitcase essential

1 June 2019

Summer is here already and everyone’s thoughts are turning towards that much-anticipated holiday. Whether you’re going to be trekking up Machu Pichu, stretching out by a turquoise pool in the Mediterranean, or just relaxing in the garden at home on a well-deserved staycation, this is the time of year when the sun’s at its highest and your skin is most at risk from hydration and damage.

However, it’s not just the sun which causes your skin to dry out in the holiday season. If you’re flying to your fortnight in the sun, the aeroplane journey can cause havoc with your skin before you’ve even landed at your destination. The air on board is recycled and it’s notoriously dehydrating, containing less than half the humidity your skin is used to.

If you’re heading somewhere hot for your break, the chances are your hotel or villa bedroom will have air conditioning to keep you at a comfortable temperature. It’s not very comfortable for your skin, though. Research shows that moisture levels in the epidermis, or outer level of your skin, are significantly reduced by even short periods of exposure to air conditioning.

Even those cooling dips in the pool don’t do your skin any favours, as the chlorine levels necessary for optimum hygiene can strip your skin of its natural lubricant, sebum, and make your skin feel tight and irritated.

So how can you minimise these problems and ensure you enjoy your holiday?

Here are four tips to help keep your skin hydrated in hot weather:

  • Exfoliate regularly – this will remove dead skin cells and clear blocked pores, leaving skin more able to absorb moisturiser

  • Try to go easy on the make-up – you will probably perspire more in the heat and make-up will slide off your face, which isn’t a good look! Keep your make-up more natural on holiday and let your skin breathe

  • Use tepid water on your face – hot or cold water can strip natural oils and open pores, which then get more clogged up with make-up and suncream

  • Drink plenty of water – we could all do with drinking more water, but in the heat it becomes essential. Help maintain your skin’s moisture balance by keeping your whole body hydrated

When you’re packing, make sure you slip our Aloe Anti-ageing Day Cream into your suitcase, or, better still, into your hand luggage. It has a Sun Protection Factor of 20 which will help to protect your skin against UV rays, as well as giving it a soothing treat of Aloe Vera and anti-ageing Green Tea Extract to counteract dehydration.

Visit our online shop and give your skin a summer treat.

Have a great holiday! 

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