What happens to your skin if you neglect it?

1 January 2021

We are constantly reminded that we need to look after ourselves and that includes having a routine to care for our skin. But why is this? Would it be such a problem if we didn’t moisturise or take off make-up at the end of the day?

Here we highlight five skin issues that can occur if we don’t give the care and attention our skin needs and, as one of our most important organs, deserves.

1. You will be itchy

If we just left our skin to do its own thing, it would become extremely dry and itchy, and the more you scratched, the more damage you would cause. A regular moisturising routine will keep your skin hydrated, and keep the dryness and itchiness at bay.

2. You skin will look dull

Having a regular skincare routine does not just make our skin feel soft, but will also ensure it looks bright and fresh, and your pores remain clog free. Developing a routine does not have to take up a lot of time, as you will see the benefits by simply cleansing and moisturising regularly.

3. Your appearance may age quicker

As we mature, our skin changes, and there’s nothing we can do about that. But, regularly moisturising and cleansing can help to slow the down the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

4. You’ll have regular breakouts

Clogged pores are one of the leading contributors to acne breakouts and blotches, and one of the reasons our pores become clogged is by not removing make-up before we go to bed. This also interferes with our skin’s natural process of repairing itself.

5. You could get cancer

We all know that sun exposure is a leading cause of skin cancer. This happens when UV rays hit our skin and damage our DNA, which can cause the rapid growth of cancer cells. Using sunscreen, or a moisturise that contains SPF, will help protect skin against the sun’s harmful rays.

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